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Academic Research

The NICRP will look to conduct academic research into infrastructure crime. We hope to use our membership to assist with this important piece of work details of which will be announced on the NICRP website.

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Ask an Expert

Our experts are on hand to answer your questions. Whether a general query regarding the NICRP or one which is crime or security related, we will respond direct to you. Simply go to our 'Ask An Expert section and ask away!

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Best Practice Guidance

As the NICRP grows we will harness examples of best practice from across the various industries that our members represent. 

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Common Tactics

This section contains information on recent methods used by the criminal network and how they have been mitigated so our members can plan and prevent their industry from crime before it happens.

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Crime Prevention

Advice from accredited crime reduction experts.

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Infrastructure Crime Guidance

In this section we have assembled documents on asset protection, cable and asset guides, historic asset as well as practical guidance. 

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Legal and Legislation

How the law affects industry and relevant legislation.

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Scams and Fraud

Criminals are always looking to find ways to target business. Emerging methods and how to be one step ahead of the scammers are available for NICRP members.

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Statistics and Data

Facts and figures relating to infrastructure crime.

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