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"The impact of metal crime has far reaching consequences and has a significant cost to the UK economy. As the National Police Chief Council’s Metal Crime lead I am delighted to support the launch of the National Infrastructure Crime Reduction Partnership. The Partnership is a collaboration between Safer Business Networks, Opal, Smartwater, Police and partners from across the UK. It is designed to share intelligence and provide expert advice, training and support to combat metal crime across our communities and all sectors of business, with the aim of protecting property and targeting those engaged in these criminal offences."

Charlie Doyle, ACC British Transport Police & NPPC Metal Crime Lead

Charlie Doyle

What is Infrastructure Crime?

Every day we rely on essential utilities and services to make journeys, call friends, work, go shopping and for our leisure. What has this got to do with infrastructure you may well ask? Well just imagine if the communication equipment at your local telephone exchange was compromised by an act of vandalism or theft. The knock-on effect would be more than you may initially consider and below is a snapshot of the impact on the community and what would potentially be lost.Telephone, broadband and mobile networks

  • Telephone, broadband and mobile networks
  • Communication to the emergency services and energy companies
  • Essential healthcare services
  • Train journeys
  • Chip and Pin services
  • ATM cash machines
  • Education - schools, colleges and universities
  • Service industries - taxis and home delivery


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Meet Our Team

Mark Cleland

British Transport Police

Mark is the Sub Divisional Commander for BTP Western, is a Bronze, Silver and Gold commander and developed the idea of the National Infrastructure Crime Reduction Partnership after realising that there was a gap in support for those organisations that keep the country running.

Richie Iwanoff

BT Group

As a former Police Officer with a vast experience of serious and complex investigations and utilising a variety of tactics, Richie leads the team responsible for all physical and acquisitive crimes for the BT Group.

Rachael Oakley


Originally an Intelligence Analyst with West Mercia Police, Rachael has spent the last 10 years developing the Centre for Infrastructure and Asset Protection (CIAP), providing law enforcement and industry with meaningful analytical services and products.

Victoria Foskett

Virgin Media

With 20 years experience in the criminal justice sector, in 2016 Victoria moved to Virgin Media, developing strategies to tackle how metal crime impacts the business and how working together can effectively tackle metal crime and protect Virgin Media Assets.

Robin Edwards

Onis Consulting

Robin is acknowledged as an expert in his field having gained a wealth of experience on the subject of metal crime as the National Project Lead for Operation Tornado, Operational Lead for the National Metal Theft Taskforce and as the head of Onis Consulting.

Andy Wood

Safer Business Network

Previously with the Metropolitan Police for 30 years, Andy has retained his connection with policing and is now the project lead for the NICRP on behalf of Safer Business Network.

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