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Who we work with

National Infrastructure

The NICRP members are drawn from across the UK and from those industries that provide the crucial infrastructure we all rely on. From power networks, railway networks, telecommunications, agriculture and places of historic interest.

Our purpose is to bring together those industries affected, provide direction and support, share intelligence securely and examples of best practice and knowledge.

We partner with Crime Intelligence part of Deter Tech Limited who provide our data analysis, tactical assessment and alerts using information shared from our members and the police.

Protecting infrastructure

Our Sectors


Removal of plant and farming vehicles and equipment.

Construction / Plant

The theft of precious metal and machinery used in construction which when removed cause delays in project completion and increase in cost.


Precious metals that are removed from places of worship and historic buildings.


Theft and damage to property as a result of the removal of precious metal or other material can lead to an increase in insurance premiums, it is important that the insurance industry can be part of the solution.

Local Authority / Government

We maintain strong links with the LGA and our partners in enforcement which includes training on metal crime awareness.


Missed and delayed train caused by damage and theft to the railway network is frustrating at best and costs the economy in lost revenue. We will work with our partners in the British Transport Police to reduce incidents.

Security Industry

The security industry are the front line in securing our members businesses. They are essential to our partnership.


Large scale sustainable power plants whether it be solar, wind or hydro are key to how we power the nation. The loss of this facility affects us all.


Loss of mobile and landline networks, internet, use of ATMs and Chip and Pin services.


Theft of catalytic converters from vehicles, organised crime affecting road hauliers and the road infrastucture.


Crime that affects the utilities meaning that power is lost to businesses and homes.