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Intelligence Sharing

The sharing of intelligence is fundamental to crime reduction partnerships across the UK. NICRP members are encouraged to share information with other members for the benefit of all. Information sharing securely is facilitated through Deter Tech Limited and their Crime Intelligence team in accordance with GDPR and data protection law. Our bespoke Tactical Assessments and Alerts which are only available to our members are sent securely through our password protected system. If you need support or have a question regarding information sharing, please email the NICRP team using the 'Contact Us' section.

Safer Business Network

Safer Business Network is the leading BCRP in the capital, reaching over 2000 businesses with our key alerts and messages. Endorsed as best practice in the MOPAC Crime & Policing plan 2017-21, SBN represent businesses ranging in scale from small independents to globally recognised brands in both the daytime and night time economies.

Industry Analysts

Our experts are on hand to answer your questions. Whether a general query regarding the NICRP or one which is crime or security related, we will respond direct to you. If your question cannot be answered by our team then we will endeavour to find your answer or provide the appropriate signposting. Our experts have a police or industry background with access to analysis and data to ensure that our members can access the very best advice when they need it most. Simply go to our 'Ask An Expert section and ask away!