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Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section which we hope you will find useful. Of course, if there is something that isn't covered here, please email using the 'Contact Us' section.

The National Infrastructure Crime Reduction Partnership has been set up to provide a 'one stop shop' for industry affected by infrastructure crime. The power, telecoms, rail, transport, agriculture, and heritage sectors are affected and not only is the impact felt by the UK economy but by us all. As with similar local schemes that are in place in high streets, town centres and retail parks, this national scheme brings law enforcement and those industries together to share intelligence, benefit from tactical analysis, pass on best practice and support each other. It is a truly unique partnership.

You can apply for membership through our website, www.nicrp.org. Please note that whilst we encourage membership of the NICRP, applicants will need to meet certain criteria to ensure the integrity of our work.

Membership of the NICRP is exclusive to those that meet our strict membership criteria. As a member you will be invited to contribute to the NICRP (Industry) meeting which is held every six weeks. 

The industry tactical meeting is an opportunity for members to share intelligence, current crime trends and concerns with other members; this will be taken forward to the NICRP (Tactical) meeting which is held the following week. The NICRP (Tactical) is for those agencies involved in enforcement to discuss trends and adopt a strategy to deal with them. The â€‹meeting also gives the member the opportunity to identify any particular ask (including any potential blockers that they are facing) to the enforcement tactical meeting which is chaired by the police.

There are also a number of experienced professionals including subject matter experts who attend the ​meeting. We encourage the sharing of best practice, and this is also an excellent forum for connecting and sharing with professionals from the infrastructure industry. 

Other member benefits include tactical analysis from the Centre for Infrastructure & Asset Protection (CIAP), an 'Ask an Expert' facility through the site which will signpost our members to resolution or the best point of contact regarding their sector. We are developing a knowledge hub with access to legislation, best practice, crime prevention and related subject matter.

All our briefings and tactical analysis provided by our partners at the Centre for Infrastructure & Asset Protection will be available by secure log in to the NICRP website www.nicrp.org.

Membership of the NICRP will enable you to log in to our site www.nicrp.org and gain access to the legislation pages.

Membership of the NICRP will enable you to log in to our site www.nicrp.org and gain access to the guidance and crime prevention pages.

Once you have log in details, go to the 'Ask an Expert' section and send in your query. We will triage your question and provide the best contact to provide you with an answer. 

As with all partnerships, we get better when everyone is engaged. We would love to hear from you if you have an example of how a problem was solved and developed good practice in your industry. You can do this by getting in touch with the NICRP through our website.

One of our aspirations is to conduct academic research on the effect of infrastructure crime on the UK. 

We take the responsibility of managing your data very seriously. We will only process your name and email address to enable you to be a member of the NICRP subject to meeting the membership eligibility criteria. This data will be retained as long as you remain a member of the scheme. Where your membership has ceased, you must inform the partnership manager and your details will be deleted accordingly. A copy of Safer Business Network's Personal Data Processing Document is available on request