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Stay Energy Safe

Energy theft is a hidden danger to the business and the living environment 

Energy theft remains a hidden danger across the commercial landscape. Bypassing or interfering with cables, wires, or pipes creates an unsafe environment for employees and customers who are usually unaware of this activity. Energy theft can lead to explosions and fires, with some instances proving fatal. Additionally, the costs of energy theft and revenue losses are passed on to other consumers, adding an estimated £50 to energy bills every year. Therefore, It's crucial for everyone to recognise the signs of energy theft to help keep businesses and workplaces safe. You can read more about the ways to spot energy theft on the Stay Energy Safe website here.  

Stay Energy Safe is a service run by the Crimestoppers charity that enables people to speak up anonymously. They look forward to collaborating with other businesses to share free Stay Energy Safe assets with your communities, members, and other organisations so that people know what action to take if they spot energy theft.  

If you know anything about energy theft or you would like to collaborate, please get in touch with Kristina Jusyte at Kristina.Jusyte@crimestoppers-uk.org. Kristina would greatly appreciate your assistance in spreading the word internally or externally. Additionally, discussions about any energy theft cases you may have dealt with are crucial for the ongoing efforts of Stay Energy Safe. Read more about cases on the website here.  

1st Link to use: https://www.stayenergysafe.co.uk/information/electricity/how-to-spot-meter-tampering-or-energy-theft/?utm_source=NEM&utm_medium=howtospot  

2nd Link to use: https://www.stayenergysafe.co.uk/information/safety/the-human-impact-of-energy-theft/?utm_source=NEM&utm_medium=casesandrealstories