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NICRP lends support to rural crime initiatives

Infrastructure crime affects the UK in both urban and rural communities. The farming, agricultural and plant industry is regularly targeted for theft of machinery which has a knock on effect to the supply chain to our shops and services. 

This is why the NICRP support the work being done to reduce this crime type and its effect on us all. 

We spoke to Supt Andy Huddlestone from Northumbria Police who is the national lead for agricultural and plant theft regarding a series of short films that have been made to highlight these offences. Andy said, "as the National Police Chiefs Council lead for theft of plant and agricultural machinery I commend to you the NFU Mutual articles on thefts. They are presented by people who are operational in this world and really do know their stuff. The advice is sound for both potential victims of crime as well as officers and investigating staff. Please do share these with colleagues and contacts within the farming industry. Thank you."

The films have been published here. If you would like to be connected to Andy Huddlestone and his team, please email info@nicrp.org and we will happily connect you.