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Impact Statements for Business (ISB)

Under the Victims’ Code, all businesses or enterprises (such as charities) that have had criminal offences committed against them are entitled to make an Impact Statement for Business (ISB) to set out how the offence(s) have affected the business.

An Impact Statement for Business (ISB) is a written statement, which is intended to provide businesses that have been victims of crime with a voice in the criminal justice process.

Where they are considered appropriate, courts can take account of the ISB when deciding what sentence to impose on the offender(s).

An ISB gives the business an opportunity to set out the impact a crime has had on it. This can include direct financial loss, as well as wider impacts (operational disruption or reputational damage).

Please see the following link for more details: https://nbcc.police.uk/business-support/reporting-a-crime/impact-statement-for-business